Welcome to Biblical Minecraft

Knowing and learning about biblical history is tough these days. It means either opening a big dusty book full of big words, or spending a couple thousand dollars flying to Israel.

What if that could be different?

What if we could walk through the land of the Bible, using well-researched biblical scholarship and archaeology, and actually interact with the very biblical characters from those stories? What if students could see the golden walls of the Western Wall, and learn about the stones of Hezekiah, and fight with Goliath at the same time? Learning becomes so much more than handouts and stories, but instead becomes a journey of self-exploration through the Bible.

That's why we're so excited about Biblical Minecraft.

We hope you are too.

I’m surprised with how much I learned about the Bible. And I teach Bible.

-B. Evans

I’m still convinced I can kill Goliath. David makes it look so easy.

-K. Smith

Why on earth would I play Biblical Minecraft?

Good question. We have a few ideas.


  • Learn about the Bible in a completely unique way
  • Guide students through an immersive learning experience.
  • Learn alongside others in a growing faith community.
  • Contribute your own learning & thoughts when it comes to Biblical study.
  • Meet other passionate Christ-followers.
  • Rediscover the Biblical story
  • Walk with your youth group through the Living Word
  • Many Bible lesson plans being built in every month!

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Some of the Buzz

”Seriously, I have learned more about the Bible while playing Biblical Minecraft than all of my years in Sunday School. I love Biblical Minecraft!”

-- Aiden C.